The Benefits of U Shaped Kitchens Must Know

Feb 10th

For kitchen with large space, many homeowners intend to choose the u shaped kitchens. This will have good look and layout accommodating every part of your kitchen including cabinet. This type of kitchen layout requireS three adjacent walls. There must be space in the middle of three adjacent walls itself, and most homeowners use that space to feature a kitchen island, perfect for food preparation and extra storage as well. Of course this kitchen layout will feel larger than other different types of kitchen layout, so some people choose to put any luxurious utility there.


9 Picture Gallery: The Benefits of U Shaped Kitchens Must Know

U shaped kitchens layout is also one of my favorite. It will be really flexible, spacious and functional. You can do some activities in the kitchen really comfortably, you can even cook while gathering and having some short discussions with loved ones there. I love this kitchen design, i tok the photo from pinterest.


You need to start finding the layout to fit your room space and you requirement. Just like the photo of above, its U shaped kitchen looks tidy and spacious. U shaped kitchens the triangular spacing, and it will be able to create the convenient relationship one to another. The three key elements coordinate each other that consist of stove, refrigerator and sink.


Finding the best layout that cover all the features you need is essential. U shaped kitchen allows you having all the elements that works triangle. Beside, its middle part will be really functional to keep kitchen island as the example. You can see like the example fom above. Its middle part also can be enhanced with cool pendant lightings.

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You should be able to give the more effort to maintain the work triangle of your u shaped kitchen. Of course it is needed because it is potentially disastrous or even dangerous during meal preparation. Each work triangle must work well, so please notice about don’t and do. The beautiful u shaped kitchen photo was taken from

The u shaped kitchen full use of three adjacent walls, unlike other kitchen design like L shaped kitchen that only uses two walls. It increases efficiency of kitchen, just because it is larger and will be able to accommodate the more of your needs, see how it works best in this photo. Storage, furniture, and kitchen appliances can be comfotably put there without making you so worry about unspaciousness.

One that becomes so important in the kitchen is the storage system, and notice that the u shaped kitchens provide it better for you than other kitchen layouts. Because there are three adjacent walls, means also the storage are spread in three areas. I also love this pinterest photo, how about you?


I took this beautiful photo from the hgtv. It makes me really want to have it. U shaped kitchen is very potential as all in one kitchen, where you can put island or peninsula there. Notice that the style of you kitchen cabinet, countertop and the island are matched one to another. This place then will be perfect place fo gathering everyday.


So if you have a lage and spacious kitchen area, consider to have the U shaped kitchen. This kitchen layout will be very excellent for you as it consists of more features for efficiency. More storages and more wokspace are surplus of it. Many homeowners love adding kitchen island or breakfast bar in the area of kitchen for having breakfast or relax together. The photo example above was taken from, and it is one of amazing u shaped kitchen design that looks designer-friendly.

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