Stunning Homemade Earring Holder Ideas to DIY

Mar 10th
Homemade Earring Holder

Homemade earring holder can give much benefits. Creativity pouring for unique decorating room ideas and for sure will be just on a budget. You can learn some of great ideas in how to make an earring holder. Storing, organizing and decorating your room can be done in a single and creative way.

1. Tree Like

How to Make an Earring Organizer

9 Picture Gallery: Stunning Homemade Earring Holder Ideas to DIY

If you have extra or unused wire like ones used for shelving, why not making it into something useful. Earring and jewelry organizer made of wire can easily be formed to get the design you want. It is simple and for sure will not take much time at all. Placing in on top of night stand or vanity will add unique decor to the furniture appearance. via

2. Wall Organizer

DIY Jewelry Organizer for Wall

In how to add beautiful colors and textures on your walls, maximize it with storage ideas. Window screen material with some popsicle sticks can be used to create an amazing decor on the walls. Not only earrings but other jewelries can be stored to make a fine look and feel. It is easy and cheap. via

3. Cheap Earring Holders

How to Make Jewelry Holders

Learn from this video in how to cheaply but uniquely and attractively make holders for your earrings. Just by spending cost around $5, you can make decorative feature to place in your bedroom. Beautiful colors are for sure to add decor for much more pleasing to the eyes appearance. via

4. Unique!

DIY Earring Holders

Do you have unused bamboo curtains? Well, make them useful to become really unique storage for your earrings. You will need strings and hooks to complete the details. In order to find out more about the making steps, video will help you. I hope you can find what you are looking for. via

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5. Pierced

DIY Pierced Earring Holder

Simply just pierce your earring collection onto pads or cushions. To make the holders unique and decorative valued, frame them with wooden box. You may need to consider about the frame color and finish. Just pour your own ideas to mix and match the earring holder with existing decor. via

6. Cardboard

Homemade Earring Holder Ideas

What you need will be a piece of cardboard, needle, string and a puncher. You can also choose an alternative for the mentioned materials. Just let your creativity flows! Get the picture? I believe that you do.

7. Another How to

How to Make a Earring Holder

It is easy and inexpensive to make something useful and valuable. By checking on the link above, you will learn the great way of earring holder making.

8. Another One

Homemade Stud Earring Holder

Stud earring holders with accessories look so stunning, do not you think so? Just learn from the video link above to get more details about the idea.

Buying an earring organizer can cost quite a money. It is going to be an amazing way in how to store jewelries and decorate your room with earring holders. Ladies, are you ready for the creativity pouring?

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