Installing Carpet On Stairs Easy Steps and Video

Feb 15th

Adding carpet to your stair will be another excellent way to make the stair looks amazing and innovative. The carpet will give several feel of beauty including warm feeling, more artistic and decorative look as well. It also makes your home looks authentic because not everyone can have the stair with that certain type of carpet. When people see your stair, they feel like only at your home they can find the stair like yours, not in other people’s home. You can make guest and people who enter your home feel amazed and impressed only by seeing the stair, so it becomes icon in your home. Stick yourself and try for installing carpet on stairs by yourself. I think it will be interesting. Just see the photo illustration below from


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Tool And Material


Installing a carpet on a stair will be little bit more difficult that you think but it will be really interesting. So just stay here and find how the step by step, and what tool and material are needed. [via]


This photo was taken from Installing carpet on stairs will not as difficult as you think if you can find proper way. Time that you need to finish it is about 20 minutes per square yard but it is not including subfloor preparation. With this time range, people usually be able to finish the process of installation overall.

If you want to make by yourself, see the photo illustration taken from The tools you need are carpet knife, hammer stapler, wall trimmer, stair tool, straightedge and the tape measure of course. In the process you will be required to measure, cutting, lifting and then laying the carpet. All the steps must be done properly. The materials needed are including hot melt seaming tape, seam sealer, tackless strips, pad and of course the carpet itself. Prepare all the tool and material before you start the project, and make sure there is not left item because it can bother the process of installation if something miss. Ready yourself as well for this finicky project.

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Step of Installing Carpet On Stairs


When it comes confusing the design selection, s you can go to such that intriguing stair design with nice accent carpet, taken from


This will be simple and nice, so just check how it look good in detail from


You want to have stair like the photo above from After you have prepared the tools and materials, you need to do the step by step for installing carpet on stairs properly.

  • First, do the measurement for each step individually and cut the carpet pad to fit each step and riser.
  • If you have curve stairs, you need to measure and cut each step in order to fit it.
  • Then, properly place the tackless strips on the riser and back of each tread.
  • Use the spacer. Type two tack strips together to help you position tackless strips properly.
  • Now, use the hammer stapler and starting in the center of each stair tread then staple the pad in place.

The steps are easy, right? But if you want to have more ideas you can check the video below.

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