How to Decorate Lovely Classy Closet

Feb 2nd

Women will always need a closet. This is the place they store many things especially various types of fashion items for work and everyday use. Women relate very much with some items like bags, shoes, dresses, accessories, cosmetics, belts, and jewelry. They will need a sufficiently great place to store their favorite things. So, what are you waiting for? There is nothing more important every woman should have in the bedroom except a pretty elegant closet. A classy closet will never make you feel so bored and dizzy with a pile of things inside. So here are the ideas and just enjoy reading it.

1. Luxurious Attic Closet

If you have an attic, you can consider to have a cool bedroom closet. It will be smaller than any other usual closet, so you should color it brightly with very good color scheme. Arrange it well, and do not forget to include good drawers, hooks, mirror, which fit to the attic space availability. You also can simply add accent like what you can see in the photos below.

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Photo via lushome shows how small spaces of attic can really have well organized appearance. The height and size of shelving are important. In accordance with what you want to store, the storage spaces should have the ability to contain the items. You can go for completely white finished closet or mixing it with darker color such as brown.

Mirrors can do a great help in how to maximize the space. Do you have skylights? Then you do not have to illuminate the attic closet at all at daytime. This means saving money on electricity bill while also having the classy closet healthier.

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2. Off White Closet Design

Make your closet looks bright and beautiful. You can consider to decorate closet with off white color. White will always be timeless and endless, and it will be easy to mix with other color and accent. So, do you agree with me that this classy closet looks fully fascinating? Photo via interioridea, it shows really great looking design. Whether small spaced or large spaced, white has amazing quality. You know, larger in appearance is always a good thing. It can make the elegant and attractive and versatile decorating ideas too.


Mixing or matching the decor ideas, the choice is simply yours to make. You can go for off white classy closet while the other accessories are in different styles. White chandeliers are amazing to install in the ceiling. It will create beautiful ambiance that completes modern LED ceiling lighting. Placing a center table like a kitchen island under the chandelier is nice. Other accessories that may come into mind are pourable. Pots of plants and anything you like can make a fine centerpiece additionally.

3. Classy Walk in Closet

The walk in closet will always every people’s favorite. It appears so cool and beautiful with good wall color, good flooring option, and sufficient lighting. More storage means more comfortable and beautiful closet as well. Storage like drawers, cabinet, and hooks should exist then everything inside the walk in closet can be stored well to make it uncluttered.

Photo via pifurnitures, it shows that it is an important element to have an organization. Hangers, hooks, racks, shelves and drawers can be added into the classy closet. They can make the closet really impressive not only in appearance but also functionality. Practicality is boosted to create better experiences inside the walk in closet. To free up flooring space, wall mounted cabinetry and shelving units are wise. This means great since cleaning the flooring is a lot easier which also means faster.

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Walk in closet is a really good deal for you with large bedroom space availability, so you can feel free to store any thing inside, and get high feel of comfort without being stuffy, but remember that storage and shelve selection will be very essential as well in this case. You can see the details shown by photo taken via lullabycass.

If space is not a matter of consideration, choosing darker color is fine. Darker colors such as brown and espresso are awesome for looking elegant classy closet. You do not have to worry about dark or gloomy atmosphere at all. This is easily to be coped with lighted painted walls and bright ceiling lights. Yes, the idea is as simple as that.


4. Add A Classy Lighting

To have a classy closet, you also need to add a cozy lighting. Do not let your closet dark, it will make you difficult to find smallest things. Be wise to find best closet lighting, LED lighting will be the best you can combine with many type of chandelier or pendant lighting. Photo via styledomination, it shows that classy styled lighting fixtures really amusing as additional decor. Not only cozy in atmosphere, you can be sure of warm and more relaxing feel inside the closet. It would feel just like in the other side of the world but NICE!


The closet lighting below is also one of my favorite, and you can try this one in your own closet. The amazing photo was taken from via lushome. Take a look at the beauty and elegance of classy crystal chandeliers! They look really impressive to add your classy closet classier look and feel.

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5. Masculine Closet

For men, here is the way of you can decorate your closet. It looks masculine and cool. The photo below was taken from via interioridea. Who said that closets are only for women? Masculine men deserve high sophistication with their closet design. Any wanted feature can be poured to add better look and feel in the space. However, it is wiser to first of all pouring what really needed the most.


You can apply those easy classy closet design to your own closet. To have best closet you need to have good organization and lighting. If you like this post, we wait your feedback through comment or share this post. The closet designs have always been more than just about great look but also comfort. Just share your thoughts with us!

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