How To Build Trendy Billiard Room Designs This Year

Feb 12th

Do you want to have an entertainment room in your home? You have the choices like having home theater, game room, or a billiard room. Playing billiard will be very interesting to do with your lovely family and friends. This place will be a great hangout area so you can invite many people like friends and relatives to join with you there and together play billiard. You will need a room at your home to be transformed into a cool billiard room. If you have old basement and it is remained stuffy and untidy, with dusts and dirts every where, you can consider to turn it to be a cool billiard room.

What Is Billiard Room?


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Billiard room itself is a pool room or snooker room purposed as the recreation room. This room can be found anywhere including in your home or the recreation center. What must be included in the billiard room are pool or snooker table, bar stools, and lighting. The billiard room itself also should be made as stylish as possible, so people can feel so enjoyable to play billiard there everyday.

Billiard Room Size





Is there any default size of a billiard room? The answer is actually no, it will depends on your pool table size and any other furniture want to be included. Larger pool requires larger room. Otherwise, you must adjust the size of your room with the size of table itself. As the standard, pool table size is 58″. It means, that if your room is trice larger than the table, it means this will be standard as well. Do not put any pool table in a too small room, unless you only will get the stuffy billiard rooms. You also will not have any opportunity to include other furniture set like bar set. As the example, for 7 feet table, at least you have 15 feet by 19 feet room. So it will be a cool and comfortable room for hanging out every when.

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Billiard Room Style





So how about the style? After knowing the definition and standard size of billiard rooms, you also must be able to determine best style which is appropriate for your own billiard room. Today’s most popular is the pub style. It will be like a coffee, and you can adjust the furniture like what you usually find in a pub. Once most critical thing in billiard room is the pool itself, otherwise you must be smart in finding best table design and size. Lighting becomes so critical to give best visibility for everyone who play. You can hang it over the table, and my favorite is pendant lighting.



Select best billiard equipment and supplies. Billiard balls, strong pool cue stick, chalk, and the racking triangle are the next to be considered. For having pretty much ready billiard room, think also about the flooring, wall, and ceiling. You can style them as pretty as you can, what you want which fits to your budget.

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