Easy Smart Ikea Hack Standing Desk

Mar 11th

Every officer might agree with me that the desk is focal point in every office room. Employee, executive, director, recepcionist, and every part of office must have a desk for working. There are number of different types and styles of desk provided in the market. Market provides it regarding to the different need of its user. You might need a high desk for a certain need like to keep display computer where everyone can see. Sometime it is used by gamer, or in the office to put a projector. In the shop, it is usually used to keep computer where buyers can check price of an item. It is usually called as standing desk, named standing because people use it while standing. The standing desk has different structure and pattern with the sitting desk. From hundred good choices in the market, you could consider the cool Ikea Hack Standing Desk.


9 Picture Gallery: Easy Smart Ikea Hack Standing Desk

The woman in the pictue looks so comfotable for doing her work with her laptop on a cool standing desk. See, it has two side legs with A shape leg on its each sides. Of course this will be such great point every people dream a lot to have in their office. The standing desk like this picture from lifehacker.com.au really deserves to be owned by every officer.


Think about pattern of a desk, how it work best not only with your laptop, but also with other cool devices like television screen. This is another great inspiration that was taken from sawayaconsulting.com. You can combine a usual desk with the adjustable standing desk to gain maximum comfort.

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Going simple but functional is what almost officer dream so much. This picture of desk really impresses me, and it was taken from enerspacecorowking.com. See that it is actually a shelf with desk embeded. It will serve you some different functions including perfect place for display storage, perfect desk for both sitting and standing. I love this so much, indeed its size is not too big but it functions greatly.


Go white! Why not? This height adjustable standing desk looks so simple with white for its overall body. But anyway, it is spacious enough as the desk even can be used for two. This photo of justintalmadge.com is my another favorite item i really want to put in my office. How about you? With its white paint enables it to blend with various wall color choices dark and light.


The photos of homedit.com might admire you as well. See how casual the desk is, it is corporated so well with the other desk around it. So if you consider to place it in the center of room, which is functioned for a special need like a quick searching everyone can access, it is better to place a simple small standing desk. It does not need to be big.


Within a desk, every people will always need the drawers. There are at least two drawers in a desk you can use to put stationary or DVD. Considering whether the desk has drawer or not is essential. The picture of homedit.com tells us that the drawers within a standing desk can be going simpler.

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When it comes so confusing with small room, small standing desk can be a solution. Carpediemsystems.co.uk gives us the example of how a simple small desk can be worth in every ocassion, with bundle of wire, keyboard, do not forget the desk lamp as well. Yes, small desk is lots better in small stuffy room where there is almost no spaces remained anymore.


Have you considered to have a DIY standing desk? Yes it even can be great idea when the budget you have is not enough for buying a new well-designed desk. You can utilize an old desk, and add such pattern of standing desk on it. The picture was taken from kellianderson.com. It seems like a simple DIY desk wth additional patterns on it to make it higher and allow people to use it while standing.

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