Cool and Magnifying Garage Renovation Ideas

Jan 26th

Your garage can be much more than only a garage. You can turn this space to be a more valuable and playful room for you and everyone to do various things. You need to define the best idea for the garage design, and other stuff to be added there like storage, furniture, lighting and other part of decoration. So what’s next? Just check photos and ideas here.


11 Picture Gallery: Cool and Magnifying Garage Renovation Ideas

Be a creative homeowner and decide the best and really creative garage decoration. This will be very important because garage will be the place you can do several activities. If you see that your garage looks bad and untidy, so let’s do the project to renovate it then read some garage renovation ideas. You can try this one and cope to your own, the photo was taken from


Your garage even can be a versatile place for both garage an playroom or game room, this photo was taken from and it has very cool sophisticated design with awesome lighting you need to try.


Firstly, the important thing that everyone must think so carefully about the garage is that it must have smart and cool storage solution. Overhead storage racks made of steel will be the popular and recent garage storage ideas you can consider well. They are blended with the ceiling and they will work greatly to store appliances, tool, hardware, and many things you need in garage to easily access all the time.  This photo was taken from


There are also some others storage solution for your garage, they might be made of hardwood or metal. So you need to find best design and structure of the storage itself to help you organize things in garage. If you have planned for it worthy, you are one step better to upgrade your garage appealing.[Photo via]

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The other garage renovation ideas will be about the flooring option and the lighting. Your garage floor must give style as well as its comfort. Rolled rubber garage flooring will be the best solution especially if you have decided to have the garage gym. People use this type of flooring because it is durable, waterproof, insulating, shock absorbing, noise reducing, and economical. You also will be easy to install it with a special adhesive.  The photo was taken from


There are still some other good flooring options for garage including concrete floor, vinyl floor, and sometime ceramic tile. The design, pattern and color depends on the look you want to have. Set also the look of garage with beautiful lighting. [Photo via]


I love this one very much as well, this has very cool flooring to enhance beauty and look of this place. The photo was taken from


Wow, you also will love this one, how the lighting works perfectly thorough the room, and this amazing photo was taken from


How about this one? What do you think? We call this as car laboratory, not only as garage because there you can work to setting your car. [Photo via]


To have a cool garage, you also need to consider about some other important features like Hanging mirrors, entertainment equipment, and some other furniture like bench and the wood table. To have a good Garage renovation ideas, you also need to take a walk to your family or friend’s garage and see what they do with their own garage. [Photo via]

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