Best Wood Closet Shelves Storage and Organization

Feb 12th
Closet Shelves

Closet shelves are important part in becoming storage spaces for an organization. In how to make your clothes and other items finely stored with an organization, be sure of easy accessibility. This will save your time when getting them all. There are different designs and ideas to apply depending on specific needs and budget. Wood closet shelves are going to make a fine choice with many advantageous. What are the advantages? On this post, you can learn what to get from closet shelves made of wood. You will find them as an excellent investment.

John Louis Home Deluxe Closet System

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It is solid mahogany wood shelving that strong and elegant with decorative metal hardware. You can get this John Louis Home Deluxe Closet System at Amazon by spending around $410.51. Visiting the site is wise to check if there is any update especially about the price. The dark mahogany wood finish closet shelves are wall mounted. Are you looking for ones that space saver? This one shall make a very wise and smart choice. Take a closer look at the design! Tiered open shelving provides amazing space for storing clothes, shoes, bags and more. Some wicker baskets can take place too. They add unique textures on the shelves as a part of storage units existing.

Aluminum rod provides proper quality of hangers for clothes to take space. It is strong, durable and looking versatile to create better look as hardware.

Wood Storage Closets with Shelves

This is another John Lewis Home Deluxe Closet System that branded $399.00 via hayneedle. Maple and mahogany wood finishes are most popular to become your best option. This is also versatile with almost natural wood finish. It has smaller in size which also means lesser in price. Wall mounted allows easy cleaning flooring. It is a lot different from a free standing that should be moved to get the flooring under it cleaned. Again, price may have changed so go to the site to check for its update.

Wood Closet Organizer Systems

This do-it-yourself industrial style wooden closet shelving can be built by yourself. Take a look at its simple design and finish! You can be sure of its great looking to become an interesting contrast in the room decor via ana-white. So naturally wood finish is featured. If you are with a skill on woodworking, this should make a fun project. If you find the natural wood finish in unattractive, then painting is the easy and inexpensive way.

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Rods for hanger are simpler in aluminum finish. As said that aluminum is strong and light weight but highly durable without corrode.This should be a great investment. Complementing the wood closet shelves is one of great features.

Closet Organizer Systems

This is another view of John Lewis Home Deluxe Closet System via wayfair. With open shelving, you can easily get the items without taking much time at all. Wall mounted design makes it really pleasing to the eyes as decor completion in the room.

Many kinds of wood finish can be found and selected based on taste and budget. Go for natural finish or painted depending on your ideas in how to maximize the wood closet shelves. Any possible addition you can have is nice. This is not merely creating neat and organized closet shelves. You should have to make sure of great look and indeed functionality with practicality.Closet Systems

Shelving makes a fine organization for more than just storage via Colors can be arranged to create beautiful textures. It is a part of room decorating ideas too. Today, two tone closet designs are favored. You can go for natural and painted combined to create unique color scheme. Combining both light and dark is also awesome for the great looking design. You can even creating unique style of your own.

Do not belittle the value of hardware! Wood closet shelving units look better with hardware pulls or knobs. Stainless steel, chrome, glass, ceramic and even wood can be opted to create great look of wood closet shelves. Whatever the choice is going to be, it is nicer to have the hardware that contrasting to the wood shelving.

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Wire Shelving for Closets

It adds elegance and with strength to have wire shelving with wooden frame. From industrial to contemporary designs of shelving made of wire, you can find one that perfectly suits your closet design via aliexpress.

Wire shelving is different from wooden shelving. Wire is metal and stainless steel has become one of most favored choices. Anti corrosion is certainly one of great advantages of having the metal stainless steel. Just like what you can see on images of wood closet shelves and metal, compare them in look! Ones who are with woodworking shall be able to make one by their own.

Swedish Shelving

It is cheap but sturdy design of wooden shelving closet to create an organization in your room. Swedish shelving has features to be proud of. You can rely on quality of wood finish via ana-white for naturally aesthetic look that completes contemporary decor ideas.

If you have some extra shelving that usable in the closet, why not? You can utilize it to provide extra spaces for storage and organization in your closet design. You may do some changes on design, shape and size even color finish. It is a must to perfectly fit the existing closet design ideas. You will want the shelving looks great and optimally functional for practicality significantly.

So what are the great benefits of having wood closet shelves? Versatile, beautiful, durable and easy to work with are definitely interesting reasons of why choosing them. In how to create an organization with storage shelving ideas, it is all yours to decide. Make sure of easy accessibility and maintenance. Moisture is not to let since it will make the wood decays unless you are coating it.

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Flexibility of wood closet shelves offers you many great ideas to do with them. Whatever your closet style, wood shelves can be adjusted easily and inexpensively. Whether natural finish or painted or even distressed, the optional ideas are almost limitless. There are some kinds of wood that hard to work with but mostly easy although you are not a pro at all.

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