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Mar 22nd

The doors are the entrance of everyone from the outside to inside or vice versa. Doors also hold very important role in contributing beauty and decoration to the room both interior and exterior. There are many types of door offered in the market such as bifold doors, sliding doors and the pivot doors. Each different type of door gives different impression for its look and gives different sense and character to the room. Bifold doors are typically used for the residential home, meanwhile the sliding and pivot doors are typically used for the commercial building. So here are for more information about it you should notice. Photo from


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How Pivot Doors Work


Do you feel so curious about how the pivot door works for you? in this explanation we will give you such the example, so please read and hopefully it is helpful. [via]

Pivot-Glass-DoorsRemember that if you want to have excellent room appealing, you need to be smart in choosing between bifold, sliding or the pivot door. You may use different type of door for different room according to its purpose. Anyway, when you consider to have a pivot door, notice about how this type of door works. It has its own door system in which its main door will pivot open away from the other two doors. Then, the adjacent (centre) of the door will slide towards the gap vacated by the original opening door. Then, it will pivot open to stack next to and become parallel with the main door that was opened firstly. So, with this system of opening, the pivot doors will possibly need additional access and door space because it needs wider gap. Photo was taken from

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You can see these two different doors, one with wood and one with glass, each has different effect, right? Photo was taken from


Anyway, pivot doors are the excellent option for your commercial building for the large opening and for wider access. Commercial building like cafe, lounge, hotel, restaurant, shop, and many more will get better view and high comfort with this type of door because more people can be accessed through the door. That photo was taken from

How to Choose Pivot Doors


There are various different types of pivot door based on size, design, and whether it is framed or unframed. Typically, people find the size for their home around 4’0” wide up to 10’0” tall. It also will have different weight, so if you want to have the proper choice for pivot door size, just consider well for the space availability, or you can simply choose for the custom size from the manufacturers. The pivot doors are constructed from thermally isolated aluminum that will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finishing maintenance. It is made of either wood or glass, and it will require some special hardware for proper installation. Photo was taken from


The pivot door across the stair, and that was awesome yet efficient for look and feng-shui. That photo was taken from


This pivot door looks gorgeous with concrete wall, and it was taken from


This photo was taken from So, if your home has smaller space, having the pivot doors is not highly recommended. Unless you have a small amount of furniture you add there so you have remaining wide access in that space. Anyway, if the pivot doors is for the life style and your requirement, you can try this one but consider for the correct size and proper installation. A well fitted door system gives good impact to your home energy efficiency. For good traditional terrace look, this type of door is excellent to give sophisticated and welcoming feel.

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