7 Most Inspiring Small Basement Remodeling Ideas

Mar 13th

Basement is not the humid dark room anymore if you can make it different and better than its previous look. You can do many things you do not guest at all in the basement, like playing game, making it as the wine room, etc. You need to start remodeling your basement right now, and make it as the beautiful place for living and doing such the attractive activities with loved ones. here are some easy inspiring Small Basement Remodeling Ideas you need to know we hope can help you.

Storage Room

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You can consider to make your old humid basement to a cool functional room such as storage room. You might need a special room where there is purposed for storage such as for keeping books, your wine bottles, and some favorite things or collection. You will need safe and comfortable place to keep them all, without eating much spaces in other room. The photo was taken from hgtv.com, and you also can consider to make it in your home. Its pallet wood cupboard looks so nice, you can choose variety of cupboard material for your own.

Wine Cellar Room


If you love collecting wine, so maybe you will need to apply this idea. You can make a special room in which there are placed your favorite wine in a beautiful wine cellar. You now that it will be really functional yet personal. This hgtv photo reay inspires me that a basement remodeling even can be done as simple as possible but still look charming.

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Basement Theater


Basement can be turned into a very private room which only you and your loved family member that can access this room. Unlike living room which is purposed to serve guests, the basement can be made more personal. That’s why, it is better if this room is witched into a personal room for life style. If you love spending time hours for watching your favorite movies or TV series, and your family do so, consider to build a theater room in your basement. I love this concept of home-designing, because it is simple but highly functional.

Basement Game Room


Different people will have different life style, hobby and also different preference. Indeed, the home design should match to your preference itself. So for you who love spending time for fun, you can consider to remodel your basement into a cool game room, or specifically as pool room, whatever. You can add the other types of game like video game in that room, to be an all in one game room everybody will love it so much. This wed0nyc photo gives simple but smart concept about small basement remodeling ideas.

Kitchen in Basement


A cool basement will be focal point somehow in your home, this can be turned into a cool family room for gathering everyday and everynight. Consider to have a cool kitchen or bar in your basement, so you can enjoy everyday moment with loved ones while cooking and tasting newly recipes. The photo was taken from hgtv.com, and you also can try to have this concept into your basement. Do not forget to add a cool comfortable sofa or couches there.

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Living Room Basement


Basement also could be used as a cool living room. This photo above was taken from home-designing.com, and i love this so much. The living room in basement can be more private and personal. It has the cool electric fireplace as the focal point, with cool comfortable U shaped sofa in across which enables people doing discussion with all family members. This place will be my favorite place to relax every single day.

Playroom Basement


If you have kids, you need to make them a special room where they can play safely and comfortably with their lovely toys. You need to consider to remodel your old small basement into a cool playroom. This Home-designing photo looks so cute with charming playroom design. You can als look after your kids comfortably every single day in this basement playroom.

Thee are some easy small basement remodeling ideas you can choose and try to apply in your own basement. If you like this post, you can give comment, share this post, or at least give  your thumb. Thank you.

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