7 Best Ikea Desk Hack for More Productive Office

Jan 30th

The best desk will be the major factor whether an officer feels comfortable or not in the office. If you want to have a super comfortable office or workspace, make a list of what you love the most to have there. Some people consider to apply a very playful office wall color and decor, those are selected as well as possible that can be a great motivation to work long, and being productive. Anyway, the desk is also another focal part that people done well for making them feel want to stay long in the workspace.

Here we have 7 ideas of ikea desk hack. With the ideas, you can turn your plain and bold desk into something totally cool. A cool desk can encourage you for working well and productively. So just stay in this article till the end.

8 Picture Gallery: 7 Best Ikea Desk Hack for More Productive Office

Desk Color


Color can encourage and discourage everyone for working, you know that color has significant impact to someone psychology. Choosing the right color surround the desk is an important matter. Therefore, someone will always feel comfortable and productive in the office. Choose the appropriate color of desk you love most. The wall color and decor should also be put into the consideration. You may add some stuffs like photo frame or decorative wall clock. See the photo that was taken from brit.co.

L Shaped desk


If you want to have a spacious desk, L shaped desk is the great answer. L shaped desk has two sides, it enables the officer to keep more things on the desk. For you who has heavy duty or job, this type of desk is appropriate. The ikeahackers.net gives us the example about cool corner L shaped desk which gives spacious area for working as well as its storage.

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Unique Desk


A unique desk will always be part that cheat people’s attention. Of course you also might feel more comfortable to work in a desk that has unique design. Homedit.com’s photo shows us about a cool wall mounted desk with a contrast brick-look wall. How unique it is, isn’t it?

Desk Combo Diy


A combination will always a cool idea. It is when two different parts meet each other and blended. You can combine a cool small desk with a floating shelf in the same color tone and material. See the photo fom inspiredkitchendesign.com, they look love one to another, and could be a great part that encourage its user to stay comfort there.

DIY Inspiration Desk


This photo was taken from brit.co. Wow, you can see how beautiful is it! Be a creative officer simply by having any cool desk surrounded with inspiring and cool items as well. You can add a board filled with some motivative words, or your schedule and task.

Modern Desk


Modern and contemporary desk give style and very good scheme to the workspace. It is simpler but designed for function. The modern desk like you can see above was from kellianderson.com, and it makes me really want to hurrily going shopping and pick this one. A modern desk with good placement gives perfection for the office. It is placed next to the window, that allows its user getting enough sun light everyday working.

More Storages


The more storage, the neater room you have. More storage avoids you being cluttered. The photo of kellianderson looks so stunning, because the desk has so much drawers meant it has more storages to keep many things.

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